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yes, npc will give you recipes... but you can figure them out. the module goes on top, the materials go on the bottom 2. it doesn't matter what materials go in which bottom slot, only that they are the correct materials. the qty of materials goes up by 10 per level.

this will get you started. each module (except afterburners and shield boosters) have 3 upgrade types.

Mining Lasers - 2% reduction in fire rate. (Aluminium + Molecular Water) - 2% Increase to Mining Yeild. (Salt Crystal + Magnetic Quartz) - %1 Reduction to energy use. (Dynex Crystal + Iron Coring)

here are the material each class uses. Mining Lasers - Aluminium, Molecular Water, Salt, Magnetic Quartz, Dynex Crystal, Iron Coring Beam Weapons - Salt, Blackstone, Calciate, Copperi, Bio Carbon, Dynex Projectile Weapons - Molecular Water, Silveryte, Copperi, Dynex Crystal, Aluminium Missile Launchers - Plastix, Magnetic Quartz, Calciate, Silveryte, Molecular Water, Dynex, Crystal Engine - Neutron Pod, Copperi, Iron Coring, Calciate Cargo - Plasics, Neutron Pod,Goldyte, Salt Fuel - Blackstone, Neutron,Plastix, Dynex Hull - Plastix, Iron Coring Targeting - Dynex Crystal, Magnetic Quartz Shield - Dynex, Plastix Energy - Dynex, Blackstone, Molecular Water, Gold

Hmm, the Tactical Dreadnaught, the Assault Dreadnaught and the Nova Dreadnaught are the three biggest ships I have encountered. It appears to me the Tactical concentrates on Beam weapons and energy, the Assoulton missle weapons and the Nova has the three weapon types beam, particle and misslie. The Nova is the most expensive ship of the three. 14330250 14888250 15788250

Note about this section. Even though it in the strategy page, the article is not meant to everyone. New player get lots of good and bad tips There are few hints just plain answers. There is no help how to achieve the destination or how to survivive before you are already deadin a difficult system. It takes ages to do this the first time and a few seconds / minutes when you have reached the system. It almost ruins the goal in the game. Second note. If you are a seasoned player and want to try other stuff, than ther might be parts in the article that is new to you, or strange ideas. Note three. If you are new to the game and want to try something new, then read the article not from first line to the last line but jump here and there to get hints, ideas what you may achieve, what you have ruined or how not to do thing. Note four For everyone the article does not say anything of best strategy or how to survive, or how to be fast. it is merely an experiment I did a bit too late, to see if it is possible. Note five... Do not read the next 5 words unless you don't wat a hint about what the article is about... Ok, i gave you some slack... a few more words now... The article is an experiment go from a low level L0 would be fun to level 50 in a scout, then survive in level 50 long enough to win the game or get some cool stuff. I did not win the game... it is game over.

Ok, now feel fre to read the article.

When the destiantion is reache the message Radiation proximity alert pops up on the screen, then it is important to wake up in case you need to navigate away form the pirates. When travelling from level 8 system to level 22 system the Nova was available in the market so it will take a while before that can be bought. Current money content is 122 000 and the prise for the nova is 16.5 mill. A prototype Astro demon 3 was found on a station in the system at level 22. The maximum level in the game is 50 so by travelling th the station half way seem to be a good idea if you live long enough to start earning money. 

After staying at Kox level 50 and fighting real hard, I bougth a new ship. After staying a bit longer. (Harvesting about 2000 dynex I got the first million, and planned to buy a new ship, but as said before alway loog for job oppurtunity and one popped up. Deliver 130 dynex to Kax and job pays 35 mill. The best of all was local delivery. Now after mining 2134 dynex I had 35 mill. Guess what, Nova for sail only 15.4 mill. Though choice, What to do with the other 15 mill. Time for a change. Buy everything which is needed on the market, no time to wait for rare items. And since this is L50 everything is available, heavy shield, heavy fuel etc. Now the Nova is close to invincible and look what another jop pays 79 mill in Nineza (level 46) Deliver 1000 Lokken. Whell unfortunately ther is only 200 Lokken at level 50 this time, time to travel to another system. Travel by gate or dark space, Well levele 46 is a few travels with the gate, and why not load up the Nove with 3 4 level nine engines, a heavy afterburner the biggest fuel tank and 100 heavy fuel pods. The price is less than a millon or was half a million, so this is cheap.

Ship loaded, and 500 missiles is on board in case there is a need for them. Lets travel. Going 90 km/s, going 130, Mining in dark space ... too late passing pirates, lets zoom in and target them... too late again. Ok lets keep this zoom and wait for the next target. Again too late, reacehed destination sysm at level 46. Ok lets look for Lokken but dock the ship first to install the mining tools.

Hmm, there is no lokken here, just a few hundreds crates, and a few Dynex planets and a couple Plastine planets. Still missing 800 Lokken to fulfill the job. Could there be Lokken in system 45 or 44, and will the job last that long. Its woth a try. Docking, installing mining equipment. Removing missil launchers. Keep the afterburner and load som energy and a few target radars. Not to forget the cargo tank. The Nova has space for 1300 So it might not be neccesary, but to have 1000 Lokken, a few drones, fuel pods, EMP's etc it's just to much hassle to sel, than loading a cargo tank.

Anyway off you go to 45 afterburner on. Going 40 warp, attacked, look for planet. Lokken 200 km away, nearest station 400 km. Target planet ready mining Mine 100 before attacked. Run to safety 350 km away. Loading onboard 6 mining lazers, Prototype 3 of course, run to nearest Lokken away from Pirates. Two found one with 300 and one with 250.. Hmm still not 1000. Where should I go. level 46 or 44. Level 46 will possible not have Lokken, but maybe.

Lets go to 46 and then back to 45 after. Going to 46. No lokken here, but heavily attacket and nothing to defend myself. Good the Nova is invincible, and the repair pods, shield pods and the EMP is not the best defence either. No heavy shield or armor as these have Target and energy.

No Lokken and back to level 45. Ahh the lest 300 Lokken is here and the pirates seems busy with a green triangle. Lets run to the Lokken. chsed by the pirates, mining 80, 150, 200, 280, reached 1000 and heavily shield damaged. Launching a couple ogf pods , back to normal helath.

Lets head for the station in level 46. The job is still available and it is the top most job. In five minutes it could have been gone. Job pays 79 mill and total money at this time is 90 mill. What to do next. The game is over, no need to do anything, and the game is ruined.

Well maybe not. Load the Nova with everything you like. Buy the other Dreanought shipp for just 2 times 15 mill. Equip them with everything you like Experiment with 7 targets, long range missile, 7 heavy battle cannons or lasers. 7 Battle shields and crash into planets or ships, with a nuke.

Attack hideouts woth 30 000 or more an count second before they are destroyed. Load 7 times 6 or 8 or 9 missiles with missiles that destroy for 10. Turn of all missile launchers and look for a commander vessel. Follow the ship on the tail, with few target radars. Maybe add an afterburner and go in 40 around their ships. Wait wait, fire up the launchers, wait another 6 to nine seconds. Launce 80 missiles at the same time 40 km from the target. Zoom in, keep tha autopilot on or your soon in another star system. And by the way pay attention to your fuel... No problem, ther is enough energy Zoom in even more.  They can't hit you or pass your battle shields, and if they doo launch a EMP-pod. Ahh I almost forgot. Your misslies are ready.

Hopefully you have zoomed correctly by now. Wait 0.5 seconds for the 80 misssiles to fly and nok on the commanders door. Even read the message from the commander, while you see the hull dropping. Hmm the commander survived. What to do now, wait another 9 secoends before the missiles are ready. How does the nuke work if you stay in the middle. Will that hurt. Lets try that. oops the commander is gone and I forgot to read the last manage, and double oops... my shield is dropping. Whay is that, there are no pirates nearby and what is that travelling ring.

Ahh I almost forgot, the nuke. Maybe it's not to smart to stay in the middle anyway. Should i launche a pod or what to see whats happening. Lets wait and see. Ahh nuke is gone, shield is still intact. Hull is at 100% It is a bit expensive to repair the battle hul, so better not to scracth it. Hmm that was interesting. I dont think I have been inside a nuke before. How many nukes for one hidout... Next experiment... LEts do a flyby at around 20 km / s then autotargen ships, then the hideout maybe increase to 30 km /s afterburner on, off, on, off. Nuke on out... nuke 2, nuke 3, nuke, 4 ... Hideout 300 000, 27 000 23 000 20 ... Hmm it takes 8 - 10 nukes on one hideout. Good to know.

The point is, the original goal readh level 50 throug the warp gates is of course boring after running there with a scout ship, using several fule pods, travelling at 5 km/s for ageses (even fell a sleep ) run and hide in Kolekax, docking, installing the best weapon you can afford, replacing your ship (you can't mine here) 5 seconds after you leave the station you er wasted by 8 pirates, then finally you have docked enough times after taking out 4 or 5 ships with at least 1000 hit points, an you have a larger ship your self. Now you last for 30 seconds to a minute, so it still important to stay at the station and dock whenever you are hit by missiles doin 120 damage, but eventually you have taken care of most of the pirates, run between the stations to loose som followers and are ready to mine. Important equipment the afterburner and 2 engines. Maybe a heavy shield too, but get onough energy so the mining goes as fast as possible. Harvest som more, then sudeenly the job is avaialable. Paying 35 mil for "just" 130 Dyn. You know at this stage that if you survive and take the job the original goal inside the game is over. You are allready at level 50, but di not use the gates. You got tired at level 8 celaning each system and wanted to experiment.

The point is, the game has so many other aspects to it than to reach level 50 after getting the last key, that clearing all systems, then getting to level 50 for free and see a system with everything and no pirates is not fun. In level 50you can get everything you want becuse you definately have more money than if you go through dead space from level 6 or 8 fighting scouts, and mayby an acolyte commander.

The intention withe the article above was to spil the fun for other player, no not really, there is no need to read it if you feel it spoils the fun. The idea and intention was to give some inputs other ways to play the game. Experimenting what is possible, inspiring other to experiment and tell their ideas. To make the game different than what Momoguru created in the first place. Or maybe is this exactly what he or she planned, since the NPC hav hinted about dead space for along time. I did the mistake of not experimenting when I played the level 10 default board

Then working to achieve the goal. Finally I had a few millions and could by a decent ship. No need though the 300 k carrier or a Battleship is all you need if you are a bit carefull and loads plenty of missiles if needed. Then you reach Kolekax level 10. You can mine dynex. There is no pirates. And what avaits you... The Nova and costs stunning 17 mill at the 1.1 station. How can you get this ship and for what? There are no pirates in the entire 10 level system. Hmm settings reset pirate... Do it all over again. Getting the Nova after a long time, a few 5 mill jobs came up. Wastedall pirates for the 2., 3.time ... Hmm, there must be more to it. Lets zoom out. Cliking on systems... What happens if I click on a station. Lots of information. And the warp gates... Oh yes, i can travel 6 warp getes in one go... Great. Lets go to level 10 and test. What happens if I clik warp gate 0. ahh back to start... Nothing to do here. Lets go back to 10... Hmm, don't wat to warp gate... What is dead space and what happenedto the hideouts mentioned by the NPC's and I think I remember the hideouts were part of the star systems in earlier builds of the game... Anyway lets get bac to level 10 throug dead space.. Hmm, going slow, just 18 km/s Afterburner... oops almost empty tank... Lets go back to level zero and load up... Back to level 10... ahh hideouts, pirates... there they are... hmm, whay haven't I tried dead space before... No wepons onboard, only mining equipment... Hmm, planets in dead space... and Dynex from level 0... To bad I did not know about them before... I could have skippped all the adamyte... numerous jobs, travel to the gates fightin easy targets until suddenly wastedin the next gate... This is more fun, jut bad the travel takes ages...

Could it be even more to the game than this. lets do som experimenting... Well. thats the story behind this article... And the intention inspire others to do the same and mayby discover something new, and of course share the experience with the others. Maybe as hits or maybe as thes walkthrough.

Anyway Astrox is a great and fun game so lets support Momoguro and wait anxiously for the sequel. Maybe the NPC's need help this time or want to be part of an alliance. Maybe Momo end up with an MMO, which I'm not a fan of, and hopefully the game could be a one pleyer game with lots of tips, hints, explorations and not to forget fun.

Happy experimenting everyone and remember to share your ideas for fun goals. Well the game is now over for my sake. Lets go back from level 50 in my scout which is still in the hangar. In this game I did not upgrade anything. I got a few rare equipments, I mined a few planets before going to level 50. I did a few low pay jobs, i think the best was a 60 000 job at level 8. I wasted about 50 recons and 50 stingers, and less than ten capital ships, 2 bloodwakes and stayed out of trouble in levele 50 until I could get a bigger ship. Than cleared level 50 with missiles and heavy station docking. Bought a bigger ship and mined more dynex. Then got the 35 mill job and realised original game is over. But the experiment was not finished.

The worst thing you can do at level 50 is dyoing as the system is crowded with capital ships as soon as you leave the station. Sometimes the NPC's are targeted and you can get away, to another station and if you have enough monet (200 000 or more) you can start earning money. Helath posds, fuel pods etc are expensive if you only have 50 000. An it is difficult to get back from level 50 if the challenge was to tough. You could try to gt to the warp gate to 0 but the best way could be going throug dead space to another system (safe system... ) This means 8 or lower for my sake. If you end up in a system near a warp gate at a high level you would last a few second in a scout so the best advise is to reach the system through deadspace. If you die before you reach a system through dead space you are transported back to the system you started in (my case level 8) So the advice is stay alive until you can dock. Dont die in the system until you have enough eqipment, buy bigger ships and survive. Dock, dock, dock often and if you chose another system than 50 lets say 22 do hope you get what you want in the market or else you need to survive and either get back to level 8 oranother systemlets say 30. If you try to get to the gates with a small ship you will be wasted.

End article, walkthrough and tips section. Now the next step is to check the typos and all strange sentences. Maybe another time.



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Magic words


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This page Contentpage02 is dedicated to A s tr ox and the idea is exactly this to ost ideas to the A strox page / wiki.

What is missing:

Well a We need help or We invite you to help / share

More What experiemnts do you have

Even more. What is thsi Wiki about.

Is it a doc project, forum project ideas project or everythin about As tro x use your imagination project?

Who knows, only the autorshm editors commenters know or at least may make the direction....

Anywhay something is missing, and I want to fill some gaps...

Here is the contribution to Ideas page and Invitation page...

Hmm empty for now... Well that will not lasts for long...

Spell check is a good idea...

Type of weapons / modules and factor for the capability not the price. (Use table?) If the capability is the same, then faster weapons are better than slower weapons.

The intension here is not to mention eerything aboutall items in the market but to compare a few to let the player decide which are the preferred items. All items found in crates or after fights are better than the ones found in the market. Keep them safe. The found items cannot be sold in the market but they can be scrapped, so don't do that with a great item. Below is a list of available qulities and some numbers to help see the differences.

  1. Normal item from the market
  2. Rare item
  3. Epic item
  4. Artifact item


Medium Blaster: Edit

  • Energy: 0.7
  • Damage: 30
  • Rate of fire: 2

--- Calc damage / time unit (dps). Assumes there is enough energy

30 / 2 = 15

Epic Medium Blaster: Edit

  • Energy: 0.5
  • Damage: 40
  • Rate of fire: 1.3333

--- Calc damage / time unit (dps).

40 / 1.33 = 30

Epic item is then 30 / 15 better than normal item.

Another example:

Assault Blaster Edit


Rare Assault Blaster Edit

  • Energy: 0.7
  • Damage: 31.2
  • Rate of fire: 1.125

--- Calc damage / time unit (dps).

31.2 / 1.125 = 27.7333

Epic Assault Blaster Edit

  • Energy: 0.6
  • Damage: 33.3
  • Rate of fire: 1

--- Calc damage / time unit (dps).

33.3 / 1 = 33.3

Artifact Assault Blaster Edit

  • Energy: 0.4
  • Damage: 37.5
  • Rate of fire: 0.75

--- Calc damage / time unit (dps).

37.5 / 0.75 = 50

Compare a Battle Cannon towards and Artifact Assault Blaster:

The Battle Cannon damages 100 with a rate of fire 4

100 / 4 = 25

The Artifact has 50 so this is twice as good, but... one shot from the Battle does 100 while the Artifact does 37.5, so the artifact needs more hits. If it takes 3 seconds to take down the ship with one cannon / blaster then the artifact does 3sec/0.75 = 4 -> 37.5 * 4 = 150 damage and the Battle cannon does 100, still needing another 50

If the ship has 130 in total damage the Artifact is the right choice, but if the ship has 95 the Battle cannon could be the best as long as it hits with the first shot from a distance. These are some of the considerations when choosing wepons. A variety of weapons is good leading to shots every fractions of a second (heavy damage shots this is)

The same considerations for missiles and lasers. The best wepon or weapon mix is the ones that take care of the pirates as fast as possible. 7 times 9 missiles are great from a distance of 100 km, as long as all hits and you have plenty more. 7 Battle Lasers are great if you hit from a distance on first shot / burst, but takes ages to reload if you need a second. 7 Battle Cannons providing 700 damage are great on ships handling 650 damage providing all shots hits from a distance and again enough ammunition is provided. This said, a diverse weapon mix taking care of small, and big ships, is the best combination, spending less energy and ammunition. Only pirate hits counts, so make sure target range and weapons mix suits your needs.

A bad choice is to have speed of the ship = 5 km/s, Target range 150, All Battle Cannons or even long rang missiles ( providing 300 km range) and have no hits or few hits. The Laser damage is best on short range as the damage declines based on travelled distance. Get your self a big ship (Nova) and experiment. You are invincible and can just point on your target(s) and test.

Check the range on your sitting duck, calculate the direction of the target and hit the target whenever you like. A Mandrake can be taken care of within a few seconds if you have suitable weapons and by timing your shots correctly, not to forget an EMP-mine, a Web and a Nuke (see if you can count the hull-points on your target during this experiment) I assume the Nova is travelling at 0 km/s so you can feel the blast on your own ship. A scratch in the wind. Ops I forgot to mention. Check if there are NPC's around, you don't want to stand trail killing innocent traders or miners.

Hmm a great idea for the game, you have to answer to all NPC deaths and heavy investigations end in a verdict and you need to pay fines or other punishments (banned from a star system perhaps) ... Anyone waiting for the second version of the game :)

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